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The muse is a person who is the source of inspiration, passion, artistic creativity, or endeavor for the Artist they are connected to. Whether they are the subject of a poem or song, or simply the most appreciative devotee of their craft, the "muse" has long been fabled for their position beside their creative companion.

Muses can sometimes be amorous with the Artist, and a sexual and/or romantic arrangement begins via their devoted support. In the music world, the muse is often referred to as a "groupie".

Not every muse or groupie has sex with their beloved, although this can be quite common due to the close proximity and passion. Groupies not only appreciate the work of their musician, but also wish to show their appreciation by meeting the musician's needs however possible, and will do whatever it takes to be close with them.

Many famous groupies and muses reclaim the title and wear it proudly, such as; Pamela Des Barres, Bebe Buell, and Marianne Faithfull.

Muses are often quite artistic and creative themselves, which is likely how their passionate endeavors begin with their Artist.

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