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final girl

The final girl is a horror film trope (particularly slasher films) that refers to the last girl(s) or woman alive to "confront the killer", she is the last one left standing at the end of the movie.

Generally, final girls will use cunning, wit & strength to survive the scene or moment. Although the final girl may survive the scene; their partner will be waiting for the next opportunity to strike again.

In this scene or dynamic, their partner will "stalk" and "attack" while the final girl "fights back" or resists the attack.

Final girls usually have pre-negotiated and consented to the power exchange and may have a CNC agreement that allows the participants to discuss and set limits around what is considered to be acceptable stalking, "attack" or "fighting back" behaviours before their scene takes place.

Final girls are usually the bottom of the scene or the s-type of the dynamic. Final girls would fall under the umbrella of Primal play and are similar to the victim or prey role as final girls will generally have limited resources to aide in their fight to survive relying instead of their own survival instinct.

Counterpart roles may include Slasher, Top, Dominant and Primal Predator.

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