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Breath play

Play that reduces the ability of a participant to breathe or restricts blood flow to the head to achieve a similar effect. Sometimes referred to as 'smothering' when it is achieved by an object or body part being placed over the mouth and / or nose.

Application of this can be done by:

  • hand such as using choke holds, holding a hand over their mouth or placing pressure on their neck.
  • body parts pressed over the mouth and nose, such as armpits, ass, or breasts.
  • using rope around the neck or chest in rope bondage forms that restrict breath (and potentially blood flow).
  • using a mask to make it harder for the person to get fresh air, or restrict air completely and have them re-breathe their own breaths.
  • using other materials around the neck or face to induce the feeling of choking or suffocation.


This is considered edge-play and has extreme consequences when it goes wrong. Even experienced practitioners can have potentially fatal accidents so it is strongly advised that you are deeply educated and aware of the risks before attempting this play.


Chokeholds can include Air chokes and Blood chokes and are usually practiced within martial arts. Both have their own sensations and their own risks.

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