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Head of Household

The Head of the Household (HoH) is the person (of any gender) in charge of making and enforcing the rules for their home and family. Embodies the saying "Your house, your rules."

This differs from other Dominant roles in that the HoH's role is not to 'order & punish' as some would say, but to be 'King of their castle'. They dictate how their house runs; who does what, bills, menu, bedtimes, clothes, major purchases etc, and they try to find the best ways to get these things done. In the event of a disagreement the HoH has the final say. If things continually are not done as required then it is the HoH's job to deal with it; finding a different way, assigning punishments, deciding on what level of punishment is appropriate and so on.

HoH relationships are not usually very strict or rule bound but they could be depending on the dynamic. They are often similar to an updated version of traditional family values / roles from the 1950's. Someone leads, someone follows, they have discussions, and the HoH has final say.

The HoH does not need to be the primary bread winner. BDSM or kink is also not always incorporated into this dynamic and it can be popular among non-kinky people.

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