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Content Guidelines

On FetLife, it is very important to us that you feel free to be yourself and let your freak flag fly!

Unfortunately though, due to obscenity laws in the US, Canada, and some European countries, if we openly fantasize about certain topics we can find ourselves in hot water.

To protect the community, we think it's best if people don't publicly eroticize any underage, incest, zoophilia, necrophilia, or scat fetishes they might have.

Here is the 411:


We can’t allow any images of anyone underage (no matter how innocent the image might be), cartoons that sexualize underage characters, or any discussions that might be construed as eroticizing someone that is underage.

Ageplay (Daddy/girl, Mommy/boy, etc.) is kosher as long as you don't mention age in a sexual context. Non-sexual conversations involving someone underage is also ok… example: parenting discussions.


Even if it's between consenting adults, we can't allow any images, stories, fantasies, discussions, etc. that eroticize any type of incestuous relationships between parents, kids, grandparents, siblings, uncles and nieces. Cousins… now that is a whole other story! :-p


Due to concerns of animal abuse we don’t allow the sharing of pics, vids, erotica, or links to sex or sex acts with animals (this is known as bestiality). We also don’t allow people to look for others to participate in bestiality.

Scat Play

Unfortunately, we can’t allow people to publicly share any pictures or videos where scat play is involved whether it’s:

  • visible poop or diarrhea
  • real or fake (simulated)
  • smeared or otherwise
  • coming out of the body or already out

If this is your kink we want to make it clear that this is not a judgement on your kink or because it might make some people uncomfortable. This is due to regulations outside of our control.

Important: Scat play does not include diaper play, anal play, or enemas.

Blood Play

Unfortunately, we can’t allow the public sharing of pictures or videos where blood (either real or fake) is visible in a sexual or kinky context. That includes blood that is flowing, smeared, or dry.

Animal Crush & Cruelty

At FetLife HQ, we are big animal lovers and do not allow any visual or written material to do with the crushing of any type of animal, either dead or alive, in a sexual or kinky context. Animals include, but are not limited to mammals, insects, and fish.

The crushing of inanimate objects like a freshly baked apple pie is perfectly acceptable, as long as you first cut us a piece! Any chance of some vanilla ice cream to go with it?!

Also, in general, we think that intellectual discussions, jokes between friends, and private discussions should all be fair game.

Our guidelines aren’t black and white nor do we think it's healthy for them to be. For every guideline there are tens of thousands of edge cases that we will have to review on a case by case basis and act on them by taking into consideration multiple factors including context, how the average person might interpret something, etc.

If at any point you're ever concerned something you're posting might be misconstrued the wrong way then please make the extra effort to assure things are as clear as possible.

If you have any questions about our guidelines don't hesitate to email

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