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Electro Play

This type of play includes devices that use electricity on the body of the recipient to create a wide range of sensations starting from gentle buzzing, through to exciting prickles or even up to pain play. This play also has a fear component (playing with fear of the electricity) and so can have both a physical and mental aspect for some people. Others simply love the wild sensations that can be passed through body parts like their genitals!

Common devices used are electrical boxes made for the purpose (estim), Violet wands, medical e-stim devices and zappers/tasers. People also sometimes use self made devices such as converted electrical fly swatters.

Generally these devices are low-current, high-voltage in their setup and can be adjusted to suit individual requirements and moods. There are still risks involved as playing with electricity is not 100% safe - devices can malfunction, be incorrectly calibrated or must be applied in certain ways in order to be safe. For example medical e-stim devices send electricity between two points so placing vital organs in between those points is to be avoided.

Estim above the waist line is not recommended for the inexperienced.

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