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A form of relationship where two people are exclusively in a relationship with one another. Commonly the connection is romantically and sexually exclusive, however people in a monogamous relationship do not have to be married or living with each other (sometimes referred to as nesting partners). Friendship and other more casual non-sexual or non-romantic connections with other people are not necessarily excluded, however in some cases people may agree to limit casual connections with people who are the same gender as a monogamous person's partner.

There are people who identify as monogamous but have agreements within their relationship to be "open". This could mean that they are open to engage in sexual connections with other people. This may possibly be limited by agreed upon restrictions such as only being allowed when they are together with their partner (e.g: swingers). These agreements are often considered to be part of Ethical Non-Monogamy, however many still may consider themselves to be essentially monogamous.

The are also cases where people in a monogamous relationship will engage with others outside of the connection with their partner and their knowledge. This could be an agreement that is often called "Don't ask, don't tell", where their partner gives consent but doesn't want to hear about any activities or relationships. However in most cases this would be considered "cheating".

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